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Come and visit our library!

Sela library opened in September 2017 thanks to a huge donation of over 800 volumes by Dr. Erin Addison.

You can find about 1000 volumes both in Arabic and English, including novels, kids’ books, books about history, art, sociology, archaeology, litaerature and much more….

With the annual membership ( 24 JD / year ), you can borrow up to 4 books per month.

Contact us for more information or visit our office in Wadi Mousa / near the government health center .

Our library opens the doors to little readers every Friday and Saturday during school time. Kids from 7 to 12 years old can enjoy reading under the supervision of Miss Iptsam. Come and enjoy some books!!!

You can contribute to grow our library bigger with more books or a donation. Contact us at


Certified Training Courses (CTC)

Designed to form field technicians in documentation, conservation, excavation and site presentation.

University Training Courses (UTC)

Designed to equip university students with field experience and specific skills. Students can combine the hands-on training with different soft skills, including management, languages etc...


Certified Training Courses - CTC


Job Targeting Courses - JTC




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